We're Narrowing in on Our Ministry!

For the past several months, Compassion First has been engaged in an ongoing needs assessment to determine how we can best serve the most vulnerable populations. This effort has required a thorough evaluation of the current services in Oregon, the needs of service providers, and the ways Compassion First can have a broader and more meaningful impact for local survivors.

We are proud to report that we are coming to the end of this assessment process. Currently, we have narrowed our focus to two possible areas of involvement, with each option being considered based on how it can best support already existing service providers, and offer provisions to the most vulnerable where provision might not yet exist. The more we have examined our options, the more excited we’ve become about CF’s role in this incredible work.

Lastly, Compassion First is identifying necessary partners in this effort. We are increasingly encouraged by the work of our colleagues and the possibility of working together.