A New Future Imagined

Imagine thirteen kids in school uniforms, laughing while riding down roads and alleys on their bikes, taking up the entire width of the road. The kids gather in their impoverished cemetery community and ride together to nearby quality private schools. A few students are going to school for the first time ever. Dreams are hatching, imagination and excitement are growing. These children are seeing a new future for themselves. Some are talking about attending university someday.

Thanks to our generous supporters, we have been able to provide these students with tuition, books, backpacks, bicycles, and transportation. One child tested into a respected local Christian school and received a 50 percent scholarship to attend. Another student is inspired to pursue this same opportunity. What a joy to see opportunity met with excitement and expectation. These children are inspiring each other, and inspiring us.

Needless to say, our child sponsorship program has taken off and we are seeing beautiful transformation in the kids’ lives already! There are four more children that we will be adding to our sponsorship program in the coming weeks.  

More information about our Cemetery Child Sponsorship Program.