Full House, Full Hearts

Sarah’s House is a full house again! We welcomed two new girls into our care over the past several months. With the addition of new residents comes an adjustment period for the staff and girls. One of the seasoned residents has taken it upon herself to be the house ambassador, encouraging the new girls to embrace the program, and assuring them that they will recognize great positive change in their lives. What a joy to see the girls recognize their own progress and strengths.

A formerly untouched supply of yarn and knitting supplies have made an appearance and now knitting is the new favorite past time at the house. The girls knit together all of the time. Our summer intern has been teaching dance, arts, and crafts. Her time with the girls has been sweet, and they are all really enjoying the activities.

The residents are currently in the middle of SHINE, an empowerment program that we have completed the past two summers. It is a highlight of the year for the girls and staff alike. Some of the girls have participated in this program twice and now act as co-facilitators with the staff! They have grown and changed through the year and it is equally empowering with each new season.

We are incredibly proud of one of the residents who passed her entrance exam to attend a private school nearby. This will provide great learning and socialization opportunities for her in a safe and structured environment. We are grateful for our partnership and excited for this long-time resident to experience specialized science education outside of the shelter. This development is a stepping stone toward the achievement of her dream—attending a university for medical training! Please pray for her transition to this new school and for her adjustment to a new environment outside of Sarah's House.

The department teams are thriving. The clinical and house mom teams are communicating beautifully, which makes for a consistent, strong and balanced program. We are looking into the possibility of hiring a part-time counselor as we grow. Please pray for our current counselor with her ever increasing caseload.