Staff and Residents Working Hard

Sarah’s House is full of excitement these days. Our friends John and Robin Vendelin have arrived at the shelter to support our clinical team to help them better serve the girls there. They will be staying for a couple months, and we are already encouraged by their reports.

We are excited to share that two of our residents are now enrolled in college and are working hard toward seeing their dreams come to fruition. These are our first residents to start attending college and they have shown great courage and determination to get to this place. 

Additionally, we are preparing for the graduation of our first resident to fully complete the program. She is in the process of preparing her résumé and filling out applications. We expect that she will be rewarded soon with a great new job. She is currently working part time for Sarah’s House learning administrative skills while continuing to live at the house. Exciting days are ahead of her as she reintegrates as a strong and vibrant contributing member to her community. We are so proud of her.

The house has never been so full! While this brings all sorts of new joys and experiences, it also presents a new set of challenges to our staff. Having never managed this case load before, they are working hard to keep up with the girls and are also learning to adjust to the new life at Sarah’s House. God’s mercies, faithfulness, and joy are new every morning!