Sorting and Organization

With the Lantern Walk wrapped up, we are excited to report that it proved to be a successful night. Netting over $18,000, Compassion First now has some of the initial capital to begin building the program and strategizing how to transition into operation mode.

We are continuing to work with the Salvation Army to determine how we can best partner with them and where our ministry fits into their work. While this process will not be a short one, we are confident that it will set Compassion First up for the maximum chances of success. As with our international work, we firmly believe in doing everything thoughtfully and patiently.

In the meantime, we are engaging with the staff and community at the Salvation Army facility. A team of volunteers recently completed a sizable organization project at the facility’s clothing closet. The closet serves as an emergency clothing resource for the women at the shelter and was in serious need of sorting, new clothing, and organizing. The staff and the women have expressed their gratitude on numerous occasions, and we are excited to see this resource bless them in new ways.

In addition to our continued headway with the Salvation Army, we are still making progress on developing the curriculum for our mentor training certification program. This will allow anyone interested in serving local survivors in a mentor role the necessary training and support network to do so. Stay tuned for updates on the development of the program.