A New House

We are excited to report significant steps forward in our work in the cemetery! Recently, Compassion First has been invited to take possession of a community owned home on the edge of the cemetery and will use it  as a home base for our cemetery ministry! Having a permanent presence in the community means we will be able to serve the people of the cemetery in a capacity we’ve never been able to before!

We are in the process of surveying the needs of the facility so that an engagement team can help us with repairs and needed improvements. Once it’s ready, we have hopes that this house will be a center for business development opportunities for the women, provide a safe and joyful atmosphere for nurturing and educating the children, host occasional medical and dental clinics, and become a gathering place for community celebrations.

We have also hired our first full time employee in Surabaya. We enthusiastically welcome Johana Sri Hartatik to the Compassion First family. She will coordinate daily outreach in the cemetery and provide a constant touch and encouragement to those we get to serve there. We are grateful for the gift of friendship God has given us with this precious population and are brimming with anticipation for the days ahead. Indeed, life is stirring in the cemetery.