Sarah's House Welcomes A New Friend

We recently reported a rescue that took place about two weeks ago, and today are excited to announce that one of the girls has been screened and placed into Sarah’s House. Of course, the entire Sarah’s House family has welcomed her with open arms, and is helping with the adjustment to her new home.  She is transitioning nicely.

We’ve consistently noticed that the most recent resident is always the first one to extend a hand and support the new girl, and it has proved itself to be the case again. It is so encouraging to see this pattern as it plays out, showing not only the growth of these girls in such a short time, but also their hearts for each other. We’re excited to see how this relationship will mature and the impact it will make at Sarah’s House!

We are also excited to report that Compassion First will soon reintegrate our very first graduate from the program. This beautiful young woman will move into a trusted home in the community where she will live amongst other young people who are going to college and/or working in the community. It is here where the transition into her professional ambitions will begin. She has expressed an interest in continued involvement with Sarah’s House, and we are extremely excited that she will soon be joining our staff as an administrative assistant!