Celebrating Summer at Sarah's House

The school year has come to a close here at Sarah’s House, and each of the girls is successfully moving on to the next level in her education. One of the girls completed the discipleship course at her church and will be attending Bible college in the fall. She has also applied to be a church usher, which is a significant step forward in her reintegration plan!

Additionally, the girl who was preparing for the trial last month successfully testified in court. She was well prepared and testified clearly and confidently. As a result of the support and encouragement she received from the staff, she is learning to trust people and has chosen to join our program. She thanks you for your prayers!

Tom Opitz and his team are also working on some improvements on the grounds. They created a shaded area outside the house, which will serve as a refreshing area for the girls to do laundry or sit quietly.They are also building a vegetable garden and aquaponics system to help in the move toward self-sustainability. Tim and Monica Stamets will remain at the shelter to continue the renovation projects and work with our educators to introduce new teaching techniques and hands-on learning opportunities into the education program. 

As always, we are grateful for your support and prayers as they are so appreciated and felt by the staff and the girls.