The Power of Community

The Lantern has long served as a symbol in historic abolitionist movements. Lanterns have been used to guide escaping slaves to areas of refuge and safety. Additionally, the powerful metaphor of light and illumination imbue further meaning as our community joins to stand united for survivors and against slavery.

For this year’s event, the value of community is the cornerstone of the campaign. When people join together, united for a cause, the result ends up being a whole greater than the sum of its parts. One individual’s contribution becomes more meaningful and more impactful when it’s made in conjunction with another.

With this in mind, our hope is that the community built around this event continues to be actively involved in standing for hope, freedom, rescue, and restoration. To this end, we are challenging our participants to invite their friends and family to support them and even go as far as identifying and encouraging three monthly partners. If 100 participants recruited 3 partners at $35/month, we would generate over $10,000 in monthly contributions to underwrite the local program we are developing!

We invite you to join this community of advocates, banding together to make our stand for freedom. For more information about the event, visit