Service and Celebration

Life has been busy at Sarah’s House! The school year is coming to a close, exams have been completed, and goals are being set for the next level of education for each of the girls. Legal preparations are being made for a court trial for one of the girls, which means all staff are on board to assist with mock trial role playing, encouraging, and empowering this resident through every step of the process.
Rooms are being readied for the possibility of two new residents in the near future, which always brings a heightened level of excitement and nervousness in anticipation of their arrival. And a moment captured by one of our expat staff shows what these new girls will walk into — ”I caught the girls all knitting together and saying they wanted more yarn to make clothes to go someplace cold” — the opportunity to dream.
Each month, one of the biggest highlights for the girls is the sports outing. This month the staff and girls went swimming at a local spring-water filled pool. Here, they practiced swimming, flipping in the water, and simply enjoying the time together outside of Sarah’s House. The day ended with everyone’s favorite—lots of pisang goreng (fried bananas)!
The most recent “kongkow”, our monthly party to celebrate birthdays, consisted of fun games with staff and girls, and of course, lots of music. There was cake, fruit punch, and tons of corn on the cob prepared on the grill by the security team. This celebration was particularly special, as we got to celebrate two of the girls’ graduation from high school!
We are so incredibly proud of each of the residents at Sarah’s House and are excited for the bright futures ahead of them! Please continue to pray as they daily walk this journey toward healing and hope.