Steady Progress Toward Our Program

At Compassion First, we want everything we do to bare the best possible solutions for the people we serve. Our hope is to see their restoration so they can be fully equipped and empowered to dream and achieve bright futures. We strive for excellence in what we do because we know the people we serve depend on and deserve it.

This has been a value of ours from the beginning of our foray into local work. We knew this effort would require extensive and careful consideration, so at every step in this process, we’ve asked ourselves “will this produce the best possible solutions for local survivors?” It has required substantial research, innumerable conversations, and continuous revision and refinement.

As a result, the development of a local program has been steady but not immediate. We are anxious to serve Oregon survivors, but we are also conscious of the fact that there are numerous excellent organizations and governmental agencies already at work. We want to make sure everything we do moving forward not only contributes to the restoration of local survivors, but also honors and serves our partners in this effort.

The formulation of a local program is very much at work. We are excited by some truly wonderful options and points of engagement in this cause, and we are getting nearer and nearer to finalizing it. But, as with everything, we are constantly evaluating how we can serve the most people with their highest quality care as our standard. We look forward to announcing our local program when it is ready and to partner with each of you in serving these incredible women.