The House That Love Built

The progress of our work in Yellow Flower cemetery in the last months has been both humbling and a bit overwhelming.

On May 1, we opened the doors of the new Compassion First community center on cemetery grounds. The center is opened every day of the week and has been wholly embraced by the community. Entrepreneur/skills training sessions for the women, private tutoring and creative play opportunities for the children, community gatherings and celebrations, and the beginning of a small library are already in place.

We are currently preparing to send an engagement team from the US to Yellow Flower to help with needed repairs and improvements on the house.

Life is stirring and love now has a home in Yellow Flower Cemetery. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support of the work.

Indeed, God is up to something beautiful in Yellow Flower. We have growing anticipation that the best days are yet to come for the beautiful ones we get to serve there.