Progress at Home

Since Compassion First initiated our investment in the care and restoration of local survivors, we have been sincerely dedicated to evaluating the most immediate needs of our community, and how we can best serve these women. As that ongoing needs assessment continues, we are making great strides toward defining our local work, determining the most effective way to combat trafficking here at home.

As we continue to develop our local initiatives, we have made it a priority to still serve victims, survivors, and other organizations as best we can. To this end, we recently had a training for our headquarter staff, so they can be equipped to process calls for help and information about available resources. It may be a simple contribution but we believe it is one best and most effective ways we can assist those in need, as well as serve existing organizations. Until we are able to offer resources these women need, we want to make sure we are informed and equipped to point them to the best resources available.

We have also been at work developing partnerships with others committed to this work. We fundamentally believe that this problem can’t be solved by a single actor. It takes a whole community investing and collaborating to see substantial change. We are excited to be joining in the work of others who share our passion, and value the relationships and partners we are making as we continue to define our role in the effort.