Local Volunteer Informational Session - 2/12/2015

  • Compassion First Headquarters 1500 NW 167th Place Beaverton, Oregon 97006 USA

Compassion First (CF) will be sponsoring a series of volunteer informational sessions for those desiring to join in the local fight against Human Trafficking. Presenters will include CF Local Program Director, retired Sergeant Mike Geiger of Portland Police Bureau's Human Trafficking Unit, and Esther Craig, retired Founder and Program Manager of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation Unit, at the Sexual Assault Resource Center.  

The session will be focused on developing a better understanding of who CF is and the work we have been engaged in for the past several years; this will help frame the context for the work locally. 

As many individuals are just beginning to learn about the magnitude of this crime, we will provide a summary that will give meaning to the terms "Human Trafficking" and "Sexual Exploitation." Developing a basic understanding of Human Trafficking will help those desiring to volunteer better identify how they may be of service. This segment will be followed by an explanation of CF's volunteer initiative (CF Resource Teams) and why this is vital to the local anti-trafficking efforts.

We will be breaking down the various volunteer categories and providing an explanation of what each category means and how it fits into the larger work. We recognize that there are many existing ministries currently engaged in this field, so this will also serve to help potential volunteers connect with the right ministry. Our hope is that those who are interested in joining the cause will be equipped to know how they may use their gifts on behalf of those in need.

The 2 hour session will be broken down into approximately 30 minute blocks:

Getting to know CF - 30 minutes

Human Trafficking 101 - 30 minutes

CF Resource Team Breakdown - 30 minutes

Question and Answer - 30 minutes

Note: Our presenters are happy to interact beyond the scheduled session timeframe for those wishing to stay and continue the dialogue.