The Lantern Walk

  • Rock Creek Country Club 5100 Northwest Neakahnie Avenue Portland, OR, 97229 United States

CF is calling all advocates to join us in the work our community so desperately needs. Our lanterns represent a network of advocates and even more, the forming of an infrastructure best suited to properly and effectively care for the vulnerable within our state. 

It is our goal to raise $20,000 per month in monthly donors. This monthly commitment will give Compassion First the ability to hire local staff that is uniquely qualified to work with this population. This financial support will also ensure that when needs are identified, we will be able to meet those needs. In some cases that will require placement in programs outside the state. Monthly support will give stability and ensure sustainability.

Take a stand and join us for our second annual Lantern Walk! We need you and every member within our community in order to see this through.

If 125 Lantern Walk Participants—Freedom Walkers—commit to recruiting just 5 monthly donors, each giving $35 a month, we’ll raise just over $21,000! That is the power of community.