A Benefit that provides freedom and aftercare for survivors of sex trafficking.

Compassion First coordinates From Numbers to Names Banquet Events all over the U.S. These events are put together by men, women, students, pastors, and church groups—Everyday Advocates who have an extraordinary drive to do all they can, with what they have, for the sake of others.

Our Banquet Events are usually paired with the CF Experience Exhibit called "Stories From the Field"—a collection of beautiful photographs, stories, and procured artifacts telling the story of our work.*

You can bring advocacy to your community by helping us coordinate one of these formal fundraising events in your town. A Numbers to Names banquet is a privileged event for us, giving us the opportunity to spend the evening with your friends, family, and colleagues; we consider it an honor to share the CF story with those you love.

To see if there are any upcoming banquets in your area, please visit our Compassion First Events Page. If you would like to help coordinate a new banquet, see the link below.

*In accordance with our Child Protection Policy and Communication/Media Policy the identities of our survivors are not disclosed and any story told is from our perspective and our experience. It is our conviction that a survivor's story is her own. As such, it is hers to tell at a time and place of her own choosing.

To Coordinate a From Numbers to Names Banquet and/or Experience Exhibit in your community, Please complete the form on our Be an Advocate page and a member of our Development Department will be in touch with you soon.