Child Profile

Name: Arya Lindu Raditya Pramana (Lindu)

Location: East Java, Indonesia
Date of Birth: February 23, 2007
Age: 9 years old
Grade: 3rd grade
Religion: Muslim
Siblings: Younger brother (Brayen, 6 years old)
Father’s name: Widodo
Father’s occupation: Sweeping at the cemetery/Taking care the graves
House status: Rent a room (kost) 
Vehicle: None

Family Background

Lindu lives with his dad and grandma because his mom passed away several months ago. He has a younger brother, Brayen, who now lives with his auntie because there is no one at home during the day to take care of him. Lindu’s dad, Widodo, is still in recovery from a stroke he suffered a couple of months ago. This happened right before Lindu’s mom became ill. It is also difficult for his grandmother to take care of him because she is elderly and her sight is failing. 

Everyday Lindu lives without sufficient care and attention from his family. It’s not because his dad doesn’t care about him, but his dad is quite busy trying to make a living for the whole family. When Lindu comes to the center to play, we often have to remind him to go to school. When he comes home after school, staff at Compassion First gently remind him to change his uniform and clean himself up.

When Lindu first started coming to the center, he was disobedient and liked to disturb other children. We have been diligent in giving positive direction and teaching good behavior; he is listening with a good attitude and making progress.