A New Shelter in East Java

Help us open a new aftercare shelter providing long-term, hope-filled solutions for survivors of child sex trafficking


we have gained an invitation to open a full aftercare shelter for child survivors of sex trafficking IN EAST JAVA, INDONESIA

Our Cemetery Outreach ministry serves the women and children living among the graves of a sprawling 17-acre cemetery in East Java, Indonesia. In this community, the women clean graves during the day and sell sex for pocket change at night just to feed their children. Our growing relationship with these families opened our eyes to the vulnerability of the children living in and around that region. This became most clear to us when a few young girls in our community were bought and sold on cemetery grounds. Our hearts broke.

Our work in the cemetery has granted us tremendous relationship with local authorities; so much so, that we have gained an invitation to open a full aftercare center for child survivors of sex trafficking.

There are currently no long-term services in East Java for children who have been exploited in the sex industry.

Police are not rescuing children who are being trafficked because there is no long-term shelter for them to go and receive the long-term restoration that they need. Compassion First is a pioneer in providing aftercare services within Indonesia, operating a complete long-term aftercare center in North Sulawesi. We are uniquely positioned to fill this need, and our staff in Indonesia and the US are ready and excited to expand and open up a new shelter in East Java.

We reached our goal of $250,000 to lay the groundwork for the shelter!

This includes the initial leasing and staffing costs to get us up and running.

we still need an additional $25,000/month in ongoing income to support staffing and operations.

Another crucial piece of this expansion is law enforcement training. We have been asked to train 40-50 investigators and police officers in the region. Preparations are underway for these trainings. Read more about our Rescue Fund.