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MODERN DAY SLAVERY still exists. 

Today, thousands of men, women and children are forced to endure unspeakable abuses by means of commercial exploitation. The overwhelming percentage of victims, mostly women and children, are trafficked into the commercial sex industry.

COMPASSION FIRST exists to end this slavery. But we cannot simply eradicate this crime. As part of a worldwide movement working to end modern-day slavery, we must also care for it's survivors. 

At Compassion First, we provide holistic aftercare for trafficking survivors, partnered law enforcement training, safe pathways for survivors through the court system, and financial collaboration for rescues of trafficked persons. We are specifically committed to serving in countries that do not already have a strong, western non-governmental organization (NGO) presence in the area of anti-trafficking work. Our flagship operation is in the nation of Indonesia. 

We employ western providers, alongside indigenous staff, working with survivors in our care; we value and pursue genuine and supportive partnerships with like-minded non-profit organizations and law enforcement agencies. 


WE ARE COMPASSION FIRST, and these are our initiatives: