HER FREEDOM IS our priority, and everything we do is on her behalf and the behalf of others like her.

Compassion First’s mission is to bring about the restoration of the precious children brought into our care. Much has to be accomplished, however, before sexually trafficked children can be located, rescued, and placed into our shelter. The financial support you provide to Compassion First is critical in helping us bring vital training to Indonesian Law Enforcement and to cover the costs associated with bringing these young girls home.


Lack of Funding

Indonesian law enforcement, which is responsible for investigating human trafficking crimes, are also responsible for bringing captive children back to their home island. This is costly and requires available funds on a moment’s notice. As a nation of islands, children will almost always need to be flown home, often from distant islands. The reality is that Indonesian law enforcement does not have the resources to bring this about. Compassion First has been working to support them in this effort and will continue to do so as long as we have your support.


In order to locate children sold in the sex trade, Indonesian law enforcement must be equipped to recognize the crime and respond in the most effective way. This is one of the most difficult crimes to investigate, and Indonesia has no resources to properly train the officers tasked with investigating human trafficking crimes. Since 2012, Compassion First has been training Indonesian Law Enforcement in the Province of North Sulawesi and now that training must be expanded to other provinces.

A Sustainable, Indonesian Rescue Strategy

Compassion First seeks to empower Indonesian law enforcement and partner with other local entities to foster a sustainable reduction of  trafficking. We do not fund or support American citizens traveling to Indonesia to rescue children from Indonesian brothels.


Peer-to-Peer Police Training

Compassion First is dedicated to building vital relationships with law enforcement and government officials in order to equip them for this work through the highest level of training and ongoing mentoring. Through peer-to-peer law enforcement training and mentoring, we can provide Indonesian officials with the skill and motivation to do this most difficult work. We have seen first hand that when local Indonesian officials are actively engaged and better understand how to work with this victim population, more children are rescued and placed into the caring series provided by Compassion First’s shelter.

Partner Funded Rescues

Compassion First works closely with other organizations accomplishing what we describe as “partner funded rescues.”  These organizations do not rescue children held captive, but can sometimes help financially with the costs associated with bringing these girls back to their home island. The organizations we partner with most often are Indonesian Women’s Empowerment and the International Organization for Migration.

Reduction Strategy: Prosecuting Traffickers


Compassion First is dedicated to reducing the number of girls sold into the sex trade. To accomplish this, we must provide expert training for the Indonesian police and the prosecutors who will bring sex traffickers before Indonesian courts. By ensuring traffickers are arrested and prosecuted, those who wish to enrich themselves from the sale of vulnerable children will be deterred from engaging in this criminal enterprise.

Our main goal is to bring her home. Everything else we do supports her.

Rescue fund goal: $120,000/year