Update from East Java: Meeting with the PPA

Sgt. Geiger gives an update on an important meeting with the head of the PPA in East Java, Indonesia. After suggesting police training for one major city, we've been asked to offer widespread training to the entire region. The population of East Java is 40 million people; over 50 investigators would be equipped to rescue and serve children who are being trafficked.

Sgt. Geiger and Cemetery Outreach Director Valerie Bellamy met with the head of the police investigative unit that conducts human trafficking investigations and crimes against women and children in East Java, Indonesia. The primary goal of this meeting was to assess the need for law enforcement training in the city where our new shelter will be located. After speaking about the shelter, she asked for training to be offered to the ENTIRE province of East Java (40 to 50 investigators)! The fact that the police desire broader training for the province speaks of the need they are up against. Please pray as we pursue this widespread training in a region where we see an urgent need and sense a strong calling.