Everyday Aftercare: Monthly Sponsorships at sarah's house

Each girl at Sarah’s House, our aftercare shelter for survivors of child sex trafficking, has a family of supporters who cheer her on and serve irreplaceable roles. investing in a survivor is a unique opportunity to have a direct impact on a child's restoration and future. She needs you to be her everyday advocate.


Uniquely Personal: Cemetery Child and Family Sponsorships

Our Cemetery Outreach ministry serves a beautiful population in East Java, Indonesia that live in a massive cemetery. In this community, women sell themselves at night between gigantic cement tombstones in order to feed their hungry children in the morning. Part of our ministry to these families is our child sponsorship program that provides educational scholarships, medical care, family counseling, athletic opportunities, schooling and private tutoring. We are hopeful that this is just the beginning.


*All children in our Cemetery Outreach program are currently sponsored. Please check again as we add new kids to the program every couple of months.