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AFTERCARE: Residential and Community-Based

We partner with each survivor as she progresses through our comprehensive aftercare program. Compassion First's (CF) primary aftercare facility is Sarah's House--a joy-filled and loving home environment with exceptional staff who provide complete care where a child’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met. Sarah’s House is an all-in-one, 24-hour, secure care facility where meaningful, trauma-specific therapeutic care from qualified Indonesian and Expatriate staff is made available. CF also is a licensed education provider; survivors not only have the opportunity to re-engage their education, but are able to pursue graduation and progress to higher education opportunities.

Many of the services available at Sarah’s House are also available to survivors who are able to return home after rescue, as well as those who reintegrate after a season in residential aftercare. These services are available through the CF Residential and Community-Based Aftercare Program.